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A Toast To Security


Dec, 12

A Toast To Security

You simply can’t talk about the future of cloud without touching on security. Long an inhibitor to adoption, most cloud security concerns about shared infrastructure and data in transit have eased over the last year or two, but don’t think cloud security conversations are over. Rather, cloud security requirements continue to redefine the current standards.

Standards set by such entities as the federal government (think HIPAA), credit cards (PCI DSS), and more are already suffering from the impact of cloud, which changes the parameters of security across the board – from communications and transmission of data to storage and archiving. According to the insiders at Ingram Micro Cloud, experts from market leaders such as Symantec and Trend Micro, pillars of the IT security industry, are already concerned that commonly trusted security protocols, such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), are becoming obsolete. Adding to those concerns is malware that is shrinking in size, growing in intelligence and generally becoming a lot sneakier.

What hasn’t changed is the fact that security needs to be a foundational offering for channel IT providers – cloud or not. But as cloud continues to impact the complexity of security solutions and deployments, make sure your vendors are staying on the bleeding edge, and helping you keep your customers’ data and IT environments safe.

Once way to meet the evolving security pressures brought about by cloud is to consider partnering on security needs. With so much at stake – your customers’ data is precious – identifying a managed security services partner that can provide proactive support and advice for customers as part of your bundled value proposition could make a lot of sense. Just as partnering with system integrators for custom cloud integrations and applications can boost the bottom line, so can rolling out a security expert to reassure your clients.

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