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Don’t Neglect Cloud Backup’s Role in Your “Shadow IT” Protection Strategy


Feb, 14

Don’t Neglect Cloud Backup’s Role in Your “Shadow IT” Protection Strategy

With the explosion of consumer devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets) and apps (e.g. YouTube, Pandora, and Facebook) making their way into your customers’ businesses, a problem known as “shadow IT” is on the rise. This term refers to hardware or software that’s not supported by an organization’s IT department and most often is implemented by employees without knowledge or consent from the IT department.

Shadow IT-related problems can range from mildly irritating (e.g. bandwidth-hogging applications like YouTube) to potentially serious (e.g. peer-to-peer apps used to download illegal content). While it’s true that combating these threats requires a holistic IT security strategy, complete with shadow IT policies, intrusion prevention and detection systems, and remote monitoring services, don’t make the mistake of overlooking BDR’s role in your Shadow IT protection strategy.

That fact is that as much as businesses attempt to lock down their networks and enforce best practices among employees, problems will occur — whether from accidents or outright defiance. When network security breaches occur, it’s not uncommon for mission-critical files, folders and apps to become corrupted or deleted during the cleanup process. This is where having a secure, cloud-based backup can be a lifesaver, allowing the MSP to quickly locate the most recent working version of the missing or corrupted data/file and to perform a data restore.

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