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The Mystery of the Haunted Server Room Solved


May, 14

The Mystery of the Haunted Server Room Solved

Over the years I’ve heard of a lot of reasons behind computer and server crashes, but only recently was the response attributed to possible paranormal activity. As surprising as it sounds, that’s exactly what managed service provider Numa Networks was told after engaging with a new law firm client.

“There were a couple of people at the firm who were convinced the server room was cursed,” recalls Warren Hino, founder and president of Numa Networks. “They explained to us that nearly every two weeks one of their servers breaks down and their IT person is constantly installing replacement parts. What’s more is that the problem had been going on for over a year and led to an average of four hours of downtime a month.”

Rather than calling in a medium, Hino and his team installed N-able by SolarWinds monitoring agents on the customers’ servers on a Friday evening, and by Sunday it received its first clue when the RMM tool sent the MSP an alert that the server room was surpassing 110 degrees Fahrenheit — more than 40 degrees above the recommended safe operating temperature!

Within 24 hours the “ghost” was exorcised from the data center and hasn’t returned since. Check out my interview with Hino in this month’s issue of Business Solutions magazine, titled An MSP uses RMM To “Exorcise” A Law Firm’s Server Room. and discover the real culprit of the server room mystery. And, let me know if you were as surprised as I was when I first found out.

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