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The Evolution of Lead Generation


May, 15


The Evolution of Lead Generation

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The science of marketing and advertising has evolved over the years.  How brands communicate with their audience has gone from being a one-way conversation to a discussion with the rise of social and digital media.

Social and digital media have evolved in the short time they’ve been with us as well. In recent years, we’ve seen the creation of the term “social selling” which leverages social networks as a lead generation vehicle for businesses seeking paying customers.

If you’re looking to attend our vendor-sponsored Cloud University in the next month at many of our select cities, you’ll notice that the theme for this year is centered on lead generation, specifically for your cloud business.

In today’s blog post, we’ll take a brief dive into lead generation and talk about the themes that govern its activities in the marketing space and how cloud and technology resellers can use these themes to help them make more money and thrive.

Theme #1: Social Media and the Conversation

Social media might appear that it’s all about the B2C space rife with cat photos and memes, but if that’s what you think, then you’re actually missing out on a lot of potential leads. According to social media news site Social Media Today, B2B marketers who use Twitter generate twice as many leads as those who don’t and B2B marketers on average use 6 different social networking tools.

Social media is also where the sale begins, though not necessarily where it ends. Since B2B sales cycles tend to be longer, social networks are great for posting content, getting people to think about their industry, and driving traffic towards native websites. When executed particularly well, one can create a thriving community even around the most technical of topics.

Theme #2: Targeting: Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers

The second theme of next generation lead generation is the art of targeting an audience. In the past, targeting was a lot more of firing and seeing what hits, while modern targeting is aimed more at being able to hit the right audiences the first time. From more contextual search engines to advertising platforms like the ones found on Facebook, you can now find customers in more targeted ways than ever, which means that the audience you want will receive what you want to tell them, and you won’t have to waste your hard-earned ad dollars.

Theme #3: It’s All About the (Big)Ddata

Modern lead generation means being able to track engagement on a granular level and understand where users come on board and where they drop off. Before you also had to purchase data from major companies like Neilsen and make decisions based on intuition. The modern lead generation strategy now means you own your own data and are able to make much more strategic decisions based on fact, which ultimately lead to better overall business.

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