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Conquer Inefficient Business Activities with CRM


May, 15

Conquer Inefficient Business Activities with CRM

Most IT solution providers (ITSPs) can vouch for the fact that a normal work day is synonymous with terms like “fast-paced” and “hectic.” One reason successful channel companies are able to thrive in this type of environment is that they learn to work at a high level of efficiency, which entails among other things eliminating redundant business practices such as entering data into multiple applications.

Dixit Infotech Services is a classic example of an ITSP that recognized — and corrected — areas of its business that were slowing down its performance and eating into its profit margins. P.S. Premjith, Executive Director at Dixit Infotech Services, recently shared with me that “We were using spreadsheets to manage each customer and prospect, and it was becoming very difficult and time-consuming to keep track of everything. In addition to lacking clarity on our new and existing business pipeline, our management team lacked several key data points during sales reviews, including which steps salespeople should be taking next to close a sale.”

Rather than continuing to be consumed with paperwork and accepting being unable to forecast revenue as reality, the ITSP investigated CRM solutions that could resolve these issues.

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