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Apr, 14

Cloud Summit Day 3 Highlights

One of my favorite parts of attending Cloud Summit is hearing from Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst, Tiffani Bova. This year she gave attendees a look at the future via a video presentation that included a simulated plaza in the year 2020, which highlighted the evolution of the “Internet of Everything.” In this not-too-distant-future cars […]


Aug, 13

Why Now Is The Right Time To Sell IaaS and PaaS

According to Market Monitor, a service of 451 Research, cloud computing sales are predicted to grow at a 36% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2012 ($5.7 billion) and the end of 2016 ($20 billion). Other research firms, such as Gartner, predict even higher growth potential. For many MSPs, those numbers don’t hold a lot of meaning […]


Jul, 13

Should You Become A Cloud Services Broker?

According to Gartner, in 2010 only 2% of all cloud transactions went through the channel. Today, that percentage has risen to 20%, and it’s continuing to grow. One of the reasons for this growth is that savvy resellers are finding new services that fulfill an important role betwede Cloud providers and end users. This new […]


May, 13

This One Oversight Will Kill Your Chances For Cloud Success

Many VARs and MSPs are trying to figure out how to take advantage of their customers’ inevitable shift from on-premise computing to the cloud. And, even though analyst groups like Gartner tell us that the addressable cloud market is going to reach $35 billion within the next few years, it often seems like the channel […]


Nov, 12

Round 2: What’s Coming in 2013

It’s here … Gartner’s prognostication for the next three years, as shared by CRN. I’ll let you read the entire CRN article for some great insight and the full four  years’ worth of predications, but here are a couple tidbits I found particularly interesting: By 2014 … Employee-owned devices will be compromised by malware at […]

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