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Jul, 14

Choose Your Managed Services Model Wisely

One of the keys to running a successful managed services business entails developing an attractive model that highlights the features and benefits of your services. Rob Merklinger, vice president of sales at backup and data protection vendor Intronis, outlined the five most common plans that MSPs use, in his latest blog titled: Build A Foolproof Managed Services Sales Strategy. […]


Jun, 14

Stop The Break-Fix Backslide

When it comes to selling subscription-based IT and professional services, there are multiple approaches used by service providers. Here’s a quick summary of three popular approaches, followed by some thoughts from a successful MSP that helps put these options into perspective and offers a smart way to keep managed services clients from reverting back to their former […]


Jun, 14

Real-World Advice on Launching a Successful Managed Services Practice

There’s no shortage of advice in the channel telling you what you must do to be more successful. A lot of that advice points to selling managed services and building recurring revenue streams. What’s not so prevalent, however, is specific step-by-step details about how to price your managed services. I was pleasantly surprised recently to […]


Jun, 14

The Secrets To A Metrics-Driven Managed Services Sale

When a manager of a hotel and resort complex contacted Bryan Sullo, vice president and cofounder of Clocktower Technology Services with a request for a backup system proposal, Sullo knew it would be an easy BDR (backup and disaster recovery) sale. Just a day earlier, the resort’s primary server went down for a couple of hours, disabling the retailer […]


Jun, 14

The Mobile Solution Sales Process Has Changed

I recently interviewed Aaron Hagler, VP of solutions strategy at Tolt Solutions, a systems integrator and retail technology services provider formed out of Kyrus Solutions’ acquisition of Tolt Service Group. The 960-employee company is projecting double-digit growth this year and Hagler didn’t mince words when asked about some of the key contributors to Tolt’s success. One of […]


May, 14

Why The Managed Services Model Is Better For Your Customers

The following is an excerpt from a tech trend I wrote: “Making The Case for Managed Services,” which appears in this month’s issue of Business Solutions magazine. The decision to sell managed services raises many important questions, starting with this one: Would my break-fix customers be better off in a managed services agreement than where […]


Mar, 14

2 Tips To Find Your MDM Sales Niche

Many VARs and MSPs readily acknowledge that their clients need MDM (mobile device management). However, when it comes to actually selling MDM, many IT service providers struggle. I recently spoke with several industry experts about this topic. Among them, Alistair Forbes, general manager at GFI MAX, summed up the problem — and opportunity — best: […]


Mar, 14

The Best Advice For Building Profitable, Recurring Revenue

When it comes to building a successful managed services practice, there are various schools of thought — even with regard to answering seemingly straightforward questions like: “What length of time should I make my contract terms?” At one end of the spectrum are those advocating month-by-month contracts and at the other are those touting the […]


Jan, 14

4 Steps to Break Out of Your Managed Services Sales Slump

For as much positive press as the recurring revenue, as-a-service sales model has gotten lately, it may come as an initial shock that analyst group Ovum released a report stating that the “IT services market endured a dismal end to 2012,” and “The TCV [total contract value] of deals announced in the fourth quarter of 2012 was […]


Dec, 13

Another Reason Managed Services Trumps Break-Fix

During a discussion I had with a managed services provider, the MSP shared a story that reminded me of the stark contrast between the break-fix and managed services business models. Here’s the scenario: The MSP’s new customer had been working with a break-fix VAR and one of the customer’s computers became infected by a virus. […]

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