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Nov, 13

2 Reasons SMBs Need Your Managed Services and Security Help Now

If you’re not currently selling network security and managed services to SMBs, consider this: according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau statistics, there are more than 2 million firms with 5 to 99 employees. A recent independent study commissioned by web and email security vendor GFI Software, revealed the following alarming statistics about these businesses: Nearly half of IT […]


Feb, 13

Sometimes Following The Herd Is A Good Idea

SMB owners are flocking to leverage cloud computing, and for once, I think being a follower is a good thing. The reasons are simple: if you’re running an SMB, it is all about cash flow. So many businesses stall out just as they get started because of the investments needed to start a business – […]


Jan, 13

While 2013 Be The Year Of The Hybrid?

When you peruse the 2013 predications, one commonality seems to rise to the top: Hybrid cloud computing is going to have its year. Industry analysts apparently agree on this, with most noting hybrid is a perfect blend of on- and off-premise computing. For some smaller businesses, the hybrid part will entail building out some virtualized […]

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